Okay, I am a little disappointed with my Amazon Echo

Echo in kitchen next to running faucetI’m a single guy — actually a widower — and when I ordered my Echo I thought I was getting something that would enrich my life. i mean not exactly a friend but something that would help fill the hole in my life I’m experiencing


Well, not so much.

I use my Amazon Echo to play music, which does brightens up my day a bit. I continue to be amazed that I can ask Alexa to play any music I can think and she (it) will.

I ask Alexa for  weather reports but that’s pretty much a once-a-day thing. I occasionally remember to ask for my flash briefing but hearing the news just doesn’t seem as engrossing as seeing it on my TV or iPad.

But that’s about it. At least for now.

I do intend to buy some Hue bulbs in the next day or two so I can use Alexa to control a couple of the lights in my house but that’s not exactly enriching my life.

So am I missing something? I would like to get more out of my Amazon Echo but have run out of ideas. How about you? You got any suggestions for other things I could do with my Echo? If so I’d certainly like to hear from youl