Amazon Echo Now Offers More Music and A New Skill

Echo by booksIf you already own an Amazon Echo, go to it, say Alexa and then ask it to tell you a joke about Donald Trump. Or depending on your politcal persuasion you might ask Alexa to tell you a joke about Hillary Clinton.

Amazon has aerry, Maroon 5, Ariana Grande, The Weekend, Lady Gaga, Drake and more.

In fact, you can now listen to hundreds of new artists on Prime Music including Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Drake, Lady Gaga, and more. With Prime, you have access to the entire Prime Music catalog and can stream unlimited songs, albums, playlists, and stations—ad free. Just say Alexa, play Katy Perry, play the Maroon 5bPrime Station or even  play the Bes of Prime Music playlist.

And wait, there’s more.

Alexa has also learned some new skills. You can now control your home garage with Amazon Echo and Garageio—a new third-party Alexa skill. Garageio is a simple and convenient way to control and monitor your garage door—without needing to replace your existing opener.  To learn more about Alexa and Garageio, click this link.