Alexa Will Now Lull You To Sleep

top view amazson echoHave you ever owned one of those clock radios with a sleep timer?

Then you pretty much know how sleep timers work. You would choose a radio station, pick an amount of time (maybe 20 or 30 minutes) and drift off to sleep listening to the station of your choice.

You can now do this with the Amazon Echo but with two substantial differences.

First, you can choose the exact music you want to lull you to sleep from literally thousands of different choices.

Here’s how it works with Echo:

Step one: Choose your music like. “Alexa play Ocean Waves from Prime Music”.

Step two: Set your timer – “Alexa set a timer for 30 minutes.”

Step three: say “Alexa.”Goodnight.”

Pretty simple,?

Of course, you don’t have to choose Ocean Waves. Depending on the type of music you prefer you could choose Relaxing Classical Music from Prime Music,” a favorite radio station from Pandora or even just white noise.

Second, you can choose any number of minutes that suits your fancy. If 20 minutes is too long just say, “Alexa set a timer for 10 minutes.” If you have a really hard time falling to sleep you could say “Alexa set a timer for 45 minutes.”

Did you try any of Alexa’s campaign jokes?

If you enjoyed Alexa’s campaign jokes you might be interested to know that Donald Trump is leading Hillary Clinton with 60% of the presidential Job requests being “Alexa, tell me a Donald Trump joke”. With the first Democratic debate coming up next week you can also say “Alexa tell me a Bernie Sanders joke.

Have you missed any of Echo’ previous updates? You can always learn what they are by asking “Alexa, do you have any new features?”.