What I like And Dislike About My Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo UnboxedLet me say offhand that I do like my Amazon Echo and am glad I made the $199 investment.

However, truth be told I’m not getting as much  use out of it as I had imagined.  I use it the most to listen to music and in that sense Amazon Echo can’t be beat  – unless you want to own your music. The biggest drawback of Echo as a jukebox is that you can listen to literally millions of different songs but you can’t download any of them for your private collection.

I also like my daily flash news briefing. And Echo’s weather reports are very helpful I no longer leave the house without first querying Echo for the temperature.

I could probably use Echo’s to do lists and shopping lists but I find it much easier to do them on my smart phone. With Echo you can dictate your lists  and then view them on your smart phone in the Echo app but for me that just adds a second and unnecessary step.

I am anxious to try out these new  sleep timer capability but haven’t yet gotten around to it.

Finally, I like the idea that I could use echo to control things within my house but again, I haven’t yet purchased the necessary products.  I would like to be able to control the light  above my porch and will probably install the necessary fixture sometime in the next week or two.

What I don’t like

I would like m Echo just for the music it provides alone But there is one thing that just annoys the hell out of me and that’s the fact that it’s not wireless Like it or not Echo insists on being plugged in. I  currently have it in my kitchen but there are times when I would like to have it in my office or in my bedroom. To move it means unplugging it, carrying it to its new location and then finding someplace to plug it in  – which isn’t easy in my old house. I guess that when this house was built in 1959 people just didn’t need a lot of electrical outlets.

But that’s it – my only complaint. Beyond this the Amazon Echo has definitely earned a warm spot in my heart.