Want To Know More About The Amazon Echo? Just Read Some Of Its 26,000 Reviews

26,000 reviews?Echo in kitchen next to running faucet

Yep, You read that right. There have been 26,000 reviews of the Amazon Echo to date. And according to the website 2paragrphs 88% of Amazon reviewers give the Echo 4-stars or 5-stars. The commpn refrain of these reviews is that the Echo  just getting better with every update.

Scary but so much fun

That’s what one reviewer noted. The Echo plays music, answers math questions, plays podcasts, creates your shopping and to do lists and can even control your lights and garage door.

So for most people it’s utility outweighs its somewhat scary aspects like is ut listening to everything we say 24 hours a day? Plus the fact that  the role of technology is becoming increasingly dominant in every facet of our life.  Hence,  the Echo is “scary but so much fun”. (Read full article )

Is Echo listening to everything you say?

The rumor is that Echo is constantly listening to you and transmitting everything you say up into Amazon’s cloud to be ruthlessly exploited by Jeff Bezos.Echo with cartoon ears listeningExcept it doesn’t.

If  you believe that Echo is listening to your every word you can simply turn it off by pressing a small button on its top.

But that’s not necessary.

According to a report on the website TheRegisterUK,  “But then that would defeat the great usefulness of the Echo: the ability to talk out loud and have it respond.”

“So here’s what really happens. The machine is constantly listening out for a “wake word,” which can be one of two things: Alexa or Amazon. Default is Alexa because it makes it more personable.

“The machine constantly stores a fraction of a second of audio in a buffer and when it hears “Alexa” relays everything from that buffer until there is a pause in your speech of roughly half a second to Amazon’s servers. The servers then make sense of what you just said and respond accordingly.”

So there you go. The Echo isn’t some malevolent device created to help Amazon make more money. It’s just an amazing device that does a myriad of things already with more capability to come. (Read the complete article.)