Happy Birthday, Alexa

top view amazson echoTime does fly by. The Amazon Echo celebrated its first birthday on November 7. As a birthday present to Alexa from Amazon,  you can grab the Echo this Monda for just $149 or $40 off the regular price..

Just like toddlers the Echo is growing up but a lot faster. According to the website Venture Capital Post, “Currently, Amazon added more functionality to its Echo with a local search from Yelp, streaming music from Pandora, audiobooks from Audible and support for IFTTT automation service. According to ZD Net, IFTTT which is an acronym of “If This Then That,” is an API for dummies. It is because IFTTT works by connecting apps and cloud services in a way anyone can use it. In order to enable IFTTT to work with Amazon Echo, the owner can connect IFTTT account to their Amazon account. After the accounts are connected, users can either browse for existing Alexa recipes or create new recipes.”

Alexa still does all the things that’s made her one of the most popular devices ever. It will play music from your Prime library and from your Pandora radio stations. I particularly like this feature because when I ask Alexa to play, for example, my Chet Baker Pandora station I’ll get music by Chet and by a lot of other musicians soI often discover new music. And no day would be complete without getting my Flash Briefing.

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