Amazon Echo Review Written By A First-time User

Couple sleeping next to EchoI ran across  a review of the Amazon Echo from a Dave Smith sharing his experiences with the Echo as a  first time user. One of the things he wrote was, “But the most appealing aspect of the Echo is that it feels futuristic. Thanks to its seven different microphones with far-field voice recognition, it can hear me from anywhere in my apartment, even when music’s playing. And with its 360º omni-directional audio grille, I can hear it, too, whenever it’s talking back.”

Dave had some other interesting thing to say about the Echo and Alexa like, “Activation was quick and easy. I just plugged the cylinder into a socket, connected it to WiFi, and I was ready to go.” You can read Dave’s entire article by clicking here. If you’re thinking about purchasing an Echo,you should definitely read it.