Where’s Amazon Going With The Echo?

If you’re not familiar with the Amazon Echo it’s this amazing black cylinder that stands about 9 inches high and is capable of playing just about any song you can think of. It’s capable of playing all of your Pandora radio stations and will happily give you a daily news flash briefing.  You can use the Echo to create to do lists and grocery lists and it will even do math.

Where the Echo is going is known only to those folks at Amazon but one thing is clear. It’s slated to be the hub for your home’s Internet of Things (IoT) The echo can already be used to turn the lights off and on, activates switches and will even operate your garage door.

Amazon’s foray into the world connected commerce meshes Amazon Echo and the Dash button to join the two markets. In addition, it’s known that Amazon has invested heavily in its Amazon Web services, which is slowly becoming one of the company’s most important sectors.

Adobe has data showing that customers have listed Amazon Echo as the “most admired” product of all the digital assistants now available on the marketplace. Its share as of this writing was 67% followed by Google Now  and Siri at 45%. The Windows Cortana was admired by 38% of those queried and Facebook M at 18%. While Echo has been available for many months online and at participating retailers, like Staples, this marks Amazon’’s largest in-store push to date for Echo since its launch in late 2014 (read complete article)