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Alexa’s Knows The Score

soccer ball and netHere’s an article from theVenture Capital Post that explains how Alexa is now a sportscaster …

” A smart” speaker can do simple chores for you. Aside from playing your music, it can give updates of NBA games and schedules.

“Amazon Echo users can now ask Alexa for Chicago Sky’s next play or who scores in the Atlanta Dream game. Aside from the WNBA scores and schedules, fans of NBA, NCAA, NHL, NFL, MLS and MLB can also get updates through Amazon Echo. The new features also include feeds from live events and concerts via Tuneln. Earlier, Amazon has added story-telling element” (Continue reading ...)

A thoughtful And I Think Honest Review of Echo

Yes, I found this to be an honest and helpful review of Echo despite the fact that I didn’t write it. The author, Stewart Wolpin,said among other things that, “Our experience illustrates the wonder and the frustration of Amazon’s startling new household appliance. The Echo is essentially an Ultimate Ears Boom-shaped Bluetooth speaker equipped with a not-so-capable version of Apple’s Siri (Alexa even sounds like Siri) for the same $180 as the Boom speaker alone. One cannot help but drool at the Echo’s sheer potential while remaining simultaneously chagrined at her current limitations.” (Continue reading …)