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8 Things Echo Can Do That May Surprise You

Couple from video around EchoIf you’ve been reading anything at all about the Amazon Echo you know that Alexa can play lots of different songs, tell you the time and give you a weather forecast. But here are four things she (it) can do that may surprise you.

Do date calculations

Alexa can’t do complex the calculations but can at least to simple ones. For example, you could ask, “How many days until September 1,” and you’ll get an answer. It also understands Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and the life but can’t tell you how many days until the next Super Bowl.

Tell you a joke

We won’t go so far as to say that Alexa can tell while, complicated jokes but if you ask it (her) to tell you a joke it can. We asked for a jewel earlier today and here’s what we got. “What did the magician do when he got angry? People his hair (hare).”  No, you won’t see Jimmy Fallon telling that joke on the Tonight Show but we bet your smart phone can’t tell you jokes on command.

Tell you a story

We tried this earlier today with no luck. We asked Alexis several times to tell us a story and she could not understand the question. However, there is documented evidence that she can do this. Maybe I just didn’t phrase things correctly.

Do math

While Alexa isn’t very good at calculus she can handle simple math. We recently asked her to multiply 24×37 and she came back with the answer almost instantly. In addition, Echo understands floating-point values so you could ask it to divide 496,3 x 322.1 and it will calculate that out fairly well.

Get help with recipes

How many times have you found yourself standing over-the-counter, your hands covered with flour, seasoned Italian breadcrumbs or something and realize that you don’t have the garlic clove the recipe calls for. No problem. just ask Alexa how much garlic powder is equivalent to one garlic clove. She can also help you with things like how many ounces in a pint, how many cups in a quart and so forth.

Access Amazon Echo from the web

You will need to do your original Echo set up from your android or iOS app. However this is mostly so that it can find your Wi-Fi network. Beyond this, you can access many of Echo’s settings and it’s to-do and shopping lists from the web. Just browse to http://echo.Amazon.com, download the Echo app and you can then query your Amazon Prime music library, access Pandora or iHeart radio stations and check your calendar — assuming you’ve set up a calendar.

Ask a real live human being for help

Believe it or not there are real human beings out there will answer your questions about the Amazon Echo. All you need to do is visit http:///echo.Amazon.com/#help/call and type in your phone number. Someone will call you back early shortly. And these people ae said to know Echo very well.

Tell you about NFL schedules

You know that little card you carry around in your pocket with the schedule of your favorite NFL team? Your can throw it away. Alexa can now answer all your questions about NFL schedules Want to know when the Patriots play the Broncos? Just ask Alex. Ditto if you want to know when your Detroit Lion will be playing the New York Giants.