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Getting More Out Of Echo Music

Here are some details to get more out of your music experience with Echo.

When Alexa is playing you can ask:

  • Alexa, who is this?
  • Alexa, what album is this?
  • Alexa what song is this?

You could also lead iHeart radio pick summer music for you. Just say, “Alexa, play the station with real beach music.”

You can import up to 250 songs from your own personal library for free or up to 250,000 songs but Amazon Music subscription. This is in addition to all of your Amazon Digital Music purchases.

To import your music:

Use your web browser to go to your library on the computer or you want to import music from. Next, click Upload Your in the left menu. click Start Scan to automatically scan your iTunes and Windows Media Player libraries for songs to report. Alternately you can click Browse manually to choose files on your computer to find music. Understand that this process may take some time to complete

Once the Amazon Music Importer has located your music, click Import to add the entire selection to the music library or click Select Music to choose which songs you like to add.

Click here forĀ more information for getting the most out of Amazon Echo’s recent music update.