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Echo’s Like A Jukebox With An Infinite Number Of Songs

Couple sleeping next to EchoDon’t get me wrong. Amazon’s Echo will do a lot of things besides playing music.

I really like my daily flash briefing and it’s great that I can get the weather anytime I want just by asking. I could also use it to build a shopping list or to do list but I prefer to have those on my computer.But if you love or even like music you need to get the Amazon Echo.

It really is like a jukebox with an (almost) infinite number of songs.

Want to hear Crosby, Still and Nash’s Southern Cross, just ask. In the mood for some Maroon 5 or Arianne Grande?, No problem. How about that song that’s been kicking around in your head all day. Just ask Alexa and the odds are overwhelming that she’ll play it.

Use Pandora? Alexa will play any of your Pandora’s radio stations.

I don’t think I’ve ever been able to stump Alexa. I’m a bit of an oldies fan so it’s great that I can listen to Bob Seger, Earth, Wind and Fire, Jimmy  Buffett or going way back even Frank Sinatra just by asking.

Love classical music? Alexa’s got you covered. Just ask for your favorite classical music  then sit back, relax and listen to Beethoven’s 5th, Pictures at an Exhibition, Motzart or a little Bolero.

How about jazz? I’ve not been able to find a jazz artist that Alexa can’t play. And if his or her work isn’t it Amazon Prime, all I need to do is create a Pandora radio station and then have Alexa play it.

Okay, I grant that Amazon Echo’s $199 price is a bit on the steep side. But if you play a lot of songs it’s going to work out to just pennies each and then ultimately they’ll basically be free. Oh, and did I mention the fact that  Echo does a bunch of other things? Amazon’s plan is for Echo to be the hub of the smart home. And we can certainly imagine that this is what will happen.

A cheaper alternative

If $199 is too steep for your budget Echo does have a cheaper competitor. It’s name is ivee Voice and its retail price is $99.

This product is a  supposed to let you control various aspects of your home. Besides telling you the weather, the company says it’ll let you request an Uber, play music via Spotify, alert fast-response services, and even potentially have groceries delivered. However – spoiler alert  –  it’s not exactly available yet because it’s part of an Indiegogo campaign With orders promised to ship in June of next year. Here’s a link to a very comprehensive article on tit if you’d like to learn more. Or you could plunk down an extra $100, order Amazon Echo today and avoid having to wait almost eight months for your device.

Do this and just think. In a couple of days you’ll have access to practically every song ever recorded in that jukebox of almost infinite songs called Amazon Echo.