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Play Bingo With Amazon Echo? Heck, Yes And A Lot More

Couple from video around EchoIf you read my last post you saw that I was a bit disappointed with my Amazon Echo. I was doing some research this morning and discovered, lo and behold, that it has a lot of Skills I had not been aware of.


Can you imagine your family sitting at the kitchen table with bingo cards while Alexa shouts out B34 … E14 …A12 and so on? Well, imagine no more. You can actually play Bingo with Echo. Alexa will call out the numbers for you, repeat each one and then send it to the Alexa app where you can review it to make sure that there is know, er, little disagreements. Plus, if you go to lovemyecho.com, you can get free bingo cards.

Want to know some cat facts? There’s a Skill for that, too. Alexa has almost 100 cat facts available so just ask for one at any time. , You might be surprised at what you learn.

Alexa can also be a crystal ball. She’ll prompt you to first focus on eight yes/no question, and then say when you’re ready to hear the answer. This could be a lot of fun at parties.

Would you like  to know what’s happening this weekend? Set your home city and then you can ask StubHub what’s going on tonight. Or you can ask for what will be happening on a specific date.

How about a math puzzle? Open this Skill and you’ll hear a series of numbers and must guess the next logical one in the sequence.

How can you access these Skills?

Just go to the echo app on your pad or smart phone impress on Skills. You’ll see a list and can then add as many as you would like by clicking on Alexa, open Cat Facts; Alexa, open Bingo; Alexa open Crystal Ball and so forth.

Be sure to ask Alexa what’s new from time to time as Amazon continues to make Echo even more amazing!.